Oct 2023 - BAWB - Bay Area Wealth Builders

Oct 2023

Oct. 2023


6:30 Pm Networking Begins – So Come Early if you can
7:00 Pm the Formal Meeting starts and ends by approx. 9:00 Pm

Thursday October 19th,2023


Defining your Buy Box and your Investor Identity in today’s market

It’s a Puzzling Real Estate Marketplace;
Are you also Puzzled as
How Best to proceed as well?

At this Meeting you will Learn:


• In today’s market am I a BUY and HOLD or Fix n Flip investor?

• Speaking with strength as WE approach property owners

• Buy THIS not THAT? Buy HERE not THERE? Wait until rates come down?

• The Active R’s – Rehabs, Remodels, Rentals, Restorations & Redevelopment

• Why I love ADU’s

• The Flip model Dead Zone and profitability scaling…

• Do I Need specialized support without the overhead?

• Why you might Love the Southwest!

• Current RE Tools and Subscriptions that may match investor types

• $8,600 houses that need $11,000 HVAC upgrades

• When to use Private Money vs Hard Money vs ?

SPEAKER: Tommy Christy

About Tommy Christy:

Tommy Christy is an experienced FUND manager with current investment activity across multiple states, products and development opportunities. He is here today to connect with investors and be part of their Real Estate stories and success.

With over 20 years of foreclosure experience and 1,000+ deals his activity levels are matched by few Northern California operators around. His creative branding with iLoveHouses.com and other advertising creates leads and opportunities that fuel his acquisition strategies.

One major differentiator between Tommy and other investors is his direct hedge funds investment management involvement with Invitation Homes (INVH). As Regional President for the biggest player in the market he learned quite fast how institutional players think, act and maximize the dollar invested. The INVH play was an entirely new platform built to place billions of dollars of investment capital on assets trading far below their replacement costs and previous valuations.

His current projects and funds launching August/September 2023 leverage his ability to acquire distressed assets and stabilize them as BRRR hold opportunities. Tommy and his family live in Placer County and are most active around those surrounding markets.

Join us for this Lively Discussion and Insights
Do Not Miss this Months VERY Informative Meeting…