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Jan 2023

Jan. 2023

BAWB Regular Monthly Meeting 


6:30 Pm Networking Begins – So Come Early if you can
7:00 Pm the Formal Meeting starts and ends by approx. 9:00 Pm

Thursday January 19th,2023



Back to the Future
Buckle Up for a Bumpy
Real Estate Ride in 2023! 

What is the Meaning of Back to the Future?

If you’re a fan of the movie; The expression refers to the time when one has to stop (over) thinking about the things they could, or not, have done in the past so that what happened wouldn’t have happened.

It is embodied by George McFly. The suggestion is that if we can identify our mistakes and our limitations, we can correct them and improve ourselves.

What’s Seems to be Going on Right Now

An Uncertain Economy with deepening recession fears, Lingering High Inflation, Mortgage Interest Rates that have essentially Doubled, Continued supply chain constraints, Layoffs filtering into the Tech Sector, Fewer Houses for Sale, Fewer Buyers wanting to Buy… a Disconnect that Exists between Property Sellers and those wanting to Buy. These are all of the factors we are facing as we move into the year 2023.

This Month we will touch on how a number of these factors
will affect the Housing Market in 2023
* What is the Housing Market Forecast for 2023
* Will Home Prices Drop?
* Housing Inventory Predictions for the New Year
* Are a Lot of Foreclosures Coming… 
* When Will the Housing Market CRASH ? 
* Should I Buy in 2023
* Tips for Buying in Today’s Housing Market
* Valuable Tips for Selling in Today’s Housing Market 
Join us this month with valuable insights into the above and how you can safely continue to do business moving forward in 2023.
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TWO Full Days Sat. 2-18-23 and Sun. 2-19-23 – Corte Madera, CA

Andy Teasley is teaching a full weekend course on Yield based investing Live and in person in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area.  We’ll begin Saturday morning with basic instruction on using the HP10bii financial calculator.During this section you’ll learn the 5 buttons on the calculator that will change the way you look at every transaction.

We’ll say it again: you don’t need zillions of dollars, or great credit, or to take on a full-time, highly taxed wholesaling or retailing “job”, to create big monthly cash flow.

Andy Teasley has done just that, using a combination of creative buying strategies, lower cost properties, notes, and a firm understanding of the math of constructing deals, for many years—and now he’s bringing that vast, valuable experience to us (well, a VERY SMALL Group of us, anyway), in a live, 2-day, in-person workshop class.

This will be a Lively Hands On Class with Students Attending of all Experience Levels. 

And NO, you don’t have to be an experienced real estate investor to use this strategy, because Andy’s got 2 days to break it down into bite-sized, understandable, actionable chunks for you.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll know when you leave:

•How to “begin with the end in mind” by using a simple financial calculator figure out payments, interest rates, yields, terms, and the best “numbers” for any deal

•How to buy your properties subject to the existing loan, or on lease/options, or using wrap mortgages, so that you put little to no money down up front

•How you can outbid every one of your competitors on every property, and even OVERPAY and still get lots of cash flow

•How notes work, and how you’ll use them to make your deals ‘hands-off’, and how you can use them to get any money you DID put down back right away

•How to use the “Ten for Twelve” technique to get a 35% rate of return (none of your so-called competitors know about this)

•How to do all of this in your tax-free retirement, education, or health-care plan

•The basics of finding and rehabbing property and mobile homes to create KILLER Returns

This will be a Lively Hands On Class with Students Attending of all Experience Levels.
You will Learn Powerful Negotiating Techniques and how to close ANY deal and KNOW its yield

Because of the Interactive Nature of this Workshop, Class Size will be limited.
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Home Manuel and All Forms
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