BAWB Regular Monthly Meeting – July 18th, 2024

6:30 Pm Free Pizza and Networking Begins – So Come Early if you can
7:00 Pm Promptly the Formal Meeting starts and ends by approx. 9:00 Pm

Dealing with Trusts, Wills,
Estate Properties & PROP 19

What is a Transfer on Death Deed?

Have you ever dealt with or targeted properties where the owners were deceased?

Does a Death in a House have to ALWAYS be disclosed?

Have you wondered How best to deal with the Attorney for the family of the deceased?

Do ALL Estates have to go through Probate in California ?

What if the property owners have died Intestate (WITHOUT a WILL)

What are Title holding Trust’s and How can they be effectively used in California?

As a Real Estate entrepreneur; We OFTEN encounter personal and Real Property
“Situations” that involved many of the above issues.

Some of our most favorable real estate opportunities may involve
a family that has lost a loved one and is now having to navigate
the uncertain path of dealing with the decedents estate,
including their personal and REAL ESTATE property assets.

Join us for this VERY insightful and informative discussion from an
experienced estate and succession planning, probate, and Trust Attorney.

Well worth your time to be there!

Earned Assets OR Inherited Assets
Real Estate, Notes, Businesses or
Business Assets, Personal Assets…

Protect What you will Acquire, May Already Have, and Create your Legacy Road Map

Real Estate Owners are PRIME Candidates for Estate Planning.
Without it family’s can be left to pay SIGNIFICANT TAXES.

Whether we are looking to acquire assets for OURSELVES as an Investment or Business opportunity
or ASSIST those with the Acquisition or Disposition of THEIR assets.
Opportunities present themselves.

Getting yours or others affairs in order can oftentimes be a Challenge

Consider Estate Planning to be INSURANCE for your Family and Loved Ones

At this Meeting you will Learn about:

Dealing with Real Estate IN STATE or OUT OF STATE


Probate and Probate Administration

Various Types of Trusts (Revocable, Irrevocable, DST’s, CRT’s, etc.)

POA’s – Power of Attorney

Advance Health Care Directives


Property Tax Transfers and Exemptions

AND Importantly How to Navigate the tremendous number of concerns
generated by ongoing changes to Proposition 19

About our Speaker:
Loren M. Lopin, Attorney At Law
Loren Lopin’s practice focuses on providing comprehensive,
personalized estate planning counseling to individuals, families,
and small business owners, as well as probate and trust administration.
Loren is committed to helping his clients understand that the foundation
of estate planning is appreciating the value of protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Loren received a B.A. from University of California Los Angeles in 1985.
In 1991, Loren received a J.D. degree from the Western State University College of Law.
Loren began his legal career in Mergers & Acquisitions with the Office of General Counsel at
Bank of America in San Francisco. Prior to starting his private estate planning practice,
Loren was the general counsel for Justsystem Ventures, a venture capital firm located
in Menlo Park, California and then established and managed Aspect Ventures, a corporate development
fund for Aspect Communications in San Jose. Loren lives with his wife and three children in San Francisco.