Miller, Fortunato & Schaub’s
Generating Cash Flow Now and Later:
Buying Bargains in Today’s Market
Fri., Sat. & Sun. May 29th, 30th & 31st, 2009

Held at the
Holiday Inn San Francisco Golden Gateway
1500 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94109
Hotel Direct: 415-441-4000 • Reservations Toll-Free: 866-272-7098
Who Should Attend this Workshop?
• Real Estate Investors
• Real Estate Agents
• Mortgage Brokers
• Title Insurance Agents
• Financial Planners
• Burned-out Stock Investors
• Attorneys & CPAs
• Landlords
• Property Managers
• Contractors
• Lenders
• Frustrated CD Investors
Or Anyone Else Who Wants to Buy a Home or
Use Real Estate as a Vehicle to Create Serious Wealth,
Security & Freedom for Themselves!
This Weekend Can Change Your Life!
Event Cost, Times & Location
No other investment in the past has created so many millionaires in America! But, not all forms of real estate investing are profitable!  Make the wise decision to attend this incredible Creating Cash Flow workshop and learn the most profitable real estate investing strategies for 2009 and beyond! Markets are constantly changing and many of the old formulas are simply no longer working! You have to learn to be creative, nimble, structure alternative options, and adapt to changing markets, and Jack, Peter & John will show you how to profit no matter if your local market is up, down or heading sideways.
This is a workshop with something for EVERY real estate investor. Are you a beginner with limited funds or limited experience? Think you need to qualify for financing? Think again! Many of the techniques outlined at this event will allow you to structure transactions where obtaining the necessary funds is never a problem. Our gurus are considered “masters” of this. In today’s tight credit market – traditional financing is far harder to come by – attend this workshop and learn about some of the most innovative and powerful financing options for the “credit challenged”!
If you are serious about using real estate to create QUICK CASH profits, cash flow now and later, and long-term financial security for you and your family, you must attend this powerful workshop in San Francisco, California, on May 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2009.
Still considered 
the #1 QUICKEST 
path to WEALTH
In what may represent one of the greatest buying opportunities in ones lifetime to creatively acquire or control Real property which will produce income, growth, and lifestyle for you and your family for years to come – don’t miss this opportunity to listen and learn from the collective wisdom and experience of the Masters – Peter Fortunato, John Schaub, and Jack Miller.
Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a seasoned pro, you don’t want to miss this workshop event
Think you can’t still make a fortune in real estate? Think again! Other investors are making a bundle right now in your backyard using some of the powerful techniques that will be covered at this workshop. We continue to see a rash of foreclosures in California, Florida, Arizona, and all across our nation as a result of sloppy lending practices. Some see this as a problem; savvy investors see this as a unique time of opportunity!

Whether your real estate market is moving up or continuing on the way down,
LEARN TECHNIQUES THAT WILL GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS. Your competitors may be at this workshop learning the creative concepts to fund their retirement. Why should they have the edge? Plan on attending this class yourself and learn techniques that can help you retire many years early! Take advantage of these powerful money-making techniques and rule your marketplace!
The media has been hammering the housing market, saying that the market is terrible and the ride is over. Many would-be “real estate” investor wannabe’s (amateurs) who rode the market and did everything wrong still got away with it because of appreciation. That’s not market timing, that’s often referred to as plain “LUCK”! During these uncertain times you MUST learn the right way to invest in this new market.
Learn to transition from a cash-and-credit mentality to Creative Financing and Deal Structuring Techniques.
Jack, Peter, and John will share with you some of their solutions and cutting-edge ideas that work in a soft or declining market so you can profit no matter what the market does. Learn these fundamental ideas and concepts and refine your approach and you’ll be one of the few that make a fortune from the tremendous opportunities available in this market.
We assure you that you’ll get at least one valuable wealth-building concept or idea – something you didn’t know before – from Jack, John & Peter.
Just one valuable concept or idea from attending this event that helps you make an extra $10,000 this year is enough to make this workshop the best investment you’ll make in 2009 and beyond! Additionally, you will learn cutting-edge ideas from Jack, John & Peter and other experienced investors in attendance from around the USA. The ideas you learn from Jack, Peter & John, and from fellow investors, will give you the tools and the motivation to go out and generate more money with far less effort in the ultimate investment: American real estate!
Who you choose to surround yourself with in life and in business will generally determine how your fundamental beliefs are formed. To increase your business potential and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think. The folks who regularly attend Jack, John & Peter’s workshops are flourishing in their own right and that’s what makes them stand out. The attendees are not your average seminar crowd. They freely share their experiences and give of themselves.
Many of Jack, John & Peter’s past workshop attendees have been people who are already highly successful and continue to attend his events to further their real estate education, gain new information, and more importantly to network and build their business. Use this event as a way to create new partnerships, meet new contacts or just find people to inspire you to succeed to the next level in your financial goals!
Rub Elbows with Other
Like-minded Successful Investors
The $10,000 Idea
A No Sales Pitch Event!
How often have you paid to attend some workshop – told that questions can be asked of the speaker only later, teased by limited discussion, and given essentially “one lick of the ice cream cone” with little real educational information provided that you can take home and use? And then the speaker has the audacity to ask you to purchase more expensive educational materials, boot camps, or mentoring programs?

This is a NO pitch event! – there is nothing further to be sold. Our speakers hold nothing back and actually encourage Q & A. Each attendee will be given an extensive workbook including examples of forms, contracts, case studies, and deal structuring techniques.
When Jack, John & Peter teach together, it’s an historic event and the seats go fast! If you want to experience three days that could literally change your life and put you on the road to true financial independence, this is the ONE event in 2009 that you MUST attend! Register NOW while space is still available.
Learn from the Collective Wisdom & Insight 
of these Master “Dealmakers”
Must Pre-Register by May 1, 2009
one pre-registered – $750.00 per person
two or more pre-registering together – $650.00 per person
(a $100.00 savings per person)
After Pre-registration cut-off date – $800.00 per Person for one and $700.00 per person for two or more

Pre-register by May 1st, 2009 and receive, upon check-in, the following bonuses:
Our Guarantee:
You’ll love it or you won’t pay a dime!

If you are skeptical, that's normal. But I don't want you to miss out on this Mega Event workshop just because some event you've attended in the past didn't live up to your expectations.

Instead, take advantage of our no-risk MONEY-BACK Guarantee and see for yourself if this workshop program is worth your money! We don't want to keep even one red-cent of your course tuition unless you are absolutely ecstatic about everything you will learn.

If you come to the Cash Flow Workshop and are not satisfied for any reason, let us know by Noon of the 2nd day, simply return your materials in re-saleable condition, and we will give you a 100% refund. The first day is on us. No questions asked!  
Look at this sampling of what the workshop will cover:
Cancellation Policy: As the class includes an extensive printed handout which must be pre-produced, there are NO refunds for “no shows” or cancellations less than 96 hours before the event.
Dealing with Debt
Bailing out your sinking boat
Negotiating with distressed lenders
Modifying notes to lower payments
Sharing equity with private lenders
Helping hands that will share payments
Discounting your home and leasing it back
Selling your home and leasing it back
Dumping debt that’s drowning you

Building Cash to Pay Your Bills
Making every day payday
Swapping rents for interest
Getting paid for finding deals
Taking care of abandoned houses
Being paid to buy and sell
Discounting “paper” to generate income
Chasing late payments for lenders
Money-making master leasing

Finding Deals to Create Cash Flow
Finding the middle of your market
Making money with high priced houses
Using short term options to buy and sell
Pre-foreclosures: the good, bad, and ugly
Using “shotgun” techniques to find sellers
Discounting loans with discounted paper
Flipping for cash vs. fixing and financing
Short sale deals that others pay for

Negotiating Feasible Deals
Dealing with those who can say “yes”
Finding the other guy’s “hot button”
Buying to sell vs. buying to hold
Knowing the right “numbers” going in
Controlling price and terms, or both
Building a “spread” into every deal
Using timing, occupancy, and terms
Structuring deals that will close
Knowing when enough is enough

Buying Without Bankers
Private vs. institutional financing
Finding cash that’s looking for you
Using private lines of credit
Finding the most motivated lenders
Sharing profit vs. making payments
Offering deals that IRAs love
Keeping investment totally passive
Making sure investors win big

Finding the Best Deals in 2009
Foreclosure sales
REOs and REO auctions
Short sale bidding
Bank liquidations
Buying from HUD
Using bird dogs
Property managers’ leads
Discounted notes and HOA liens

Building Tomorrow’s Fortunes Now
Aiming for the best part of the market
Actively buying and selling while prices fall
Buying and holding when prices start up
Sharing the wealth with those who can manage
Riding the inflation curve to wealth and riches
Using long term, fixed rate, loan terms
Fixed rate leases, options, and lease/options
Motivating long term investors to back your play

There will be no recording or taping of this seminar available.
You must get to San Francisco
and hear it live!
This is a rare opportunity to catch the “masters” live and
in person in what could represent the final time they
teach together.
The San Francisco Bay Area is beautiful in May. Take a few extra days and stay in this vibrant city. Ride a cable car, visit the spectacular coast, perhaps stay in a bed and breakfast.
Check out the Point Reyes National Seashore, traverse the City’s unique shops, restaurants, and little “finds”, go touring or wine tasting in the Napa and Sonoma valleys. There are numerous attractions less than 90 minutes from the workshop location and it is an easy drive for anyone. However, there is also plenty to see and do right in the City - no vehicle needed!
P.S. Remember, as an educational event this can be tax deductible for you and your travel and airfare is still deductible, even if you stay a few extra days!
Pre-register by 5/1/09 and receive FREE pre-registration bonuses.
Special Free Bonuses!
These are three days that can change your life. What do you do on the average weekend? Clean up, mow the lawn? Paint your home? Watch television? Go golfing? Can’t quite remember?
Enjoy a weekend unlike any you have ever experienced! Come to the San Francisco Bay Area and spend three days that you and your family will remember for years to come. May 29th, 30th & 31st will be your chance to learn from Three Masters – a weekend where you will learn how to achieve true and lasting Financial Freedom!
Past workshop attendees who have listened and learned from Jack, Peter & John have written, called, and e-mailed us telling us how they implemented some of the concepts they learned and how profitable and powerful they can be. Why not join them?
 Our special block of rooms reserved for $99.00 per night is now SOLD OUT, there are a limited # of additional rooms at $129.00 per night based upon availability but you must reserve quickly. Be sure to mention the “Cash Flow Workshop” to receive the discounted room rate. We also have several hotels with additional rooms in the area - see below. There are also several secondary hotels located in the vicinity of the Holiday Inn:
Dear Friend:

The Good News – is that there is continued Bad News.

No, doubt the struggling economy and financial markets of late are creating unprecedented dangers, but also tremendous opportunities.

I want to tell you about this is a one-of-a-kind intensive three day educational event and chance to learn from the collective wisdom of the three Masters themselves who will help you chart a course through these complicated times.

This workshop is all about generating Cash Flow and how to buy bargains in today’s market.

You will learn about Cash Flow Concepts and how to boost your income this year and beyond. Cash Flow is the life blood of any business and so crucial during these uncertain times.

If you’ve been to some expensive “boot camp” or conference in the past that was really a sales pitch-a-thon in disguise where there are multiple speakers or so called experts, but where you are constantly questioning the quality of education or depth of real world knowledge and background of the instructors, this program will be a pleasant surprise.

With this event, we bring you THE REAL THING – no pretenders. Jack, Peter & John have been through numerous up and down cycles in the past and have been actively investing in real estate and real estate “paper” type deals for decades. Their insight and creative techniques are often copied by others.

Savvy Investors who choose to attend this event will learn not Only How to Survive the Economic Downturn, But How to Use It to Their Advantage to Get Rich!

Happy investing,

Michael Morrongiello
Program Director
BAWB – The Bay Area Wealth Builders Association

P.S. Don’t miss this historic event and what could be the final time these three “masters” teach together.
Often copied but never duplicated, Jack Miller is the “Godfather” of Single Family House Investing and the Single Family House Seminar.

An innovator in the creative real estate world, over the past 50 years Jack has run the gamut of real estate investing including: mobile homes and parks, apartments, commercial buildings, condos, pine tree forests, land, warehouses, car lots, time shares and notes.

Jack continues to be an active investor in a variety of enterprises and his seminars, books and newsletter are the industry standard for real estate entrepreneurs and investors.
Peter needs no introduction to veterans in the field of real estate investing. He believes that transactions which you can be proud of result from carefully conceived goals and plans followed by purposeful actions and scrupulous documentation. He is highly respected within the Real Estate investment community for his clear and patient explanations of investment concepts and transactions.

Peter has been dubbed a “Millionaire Maker” by many of his peers because so many of his past students have achieved financial success using many of his creative money-making techniques for the acquisition and disposition of Real Property. Peter, a capitalist, is Nationally known as an expert in using Real Estate creatively coupled with “paper” to formulate profitable Real Estate Transactions with real benefits for the buyer, seller, and investor.
While attending the University of Florida John, studied real estate and management and obtained his real estate license. After graduation, he jumped into real estate full time and established his own investment company in 1973.
John began teaching and writing in the 1970s and has spoken to thousands of investors from every state, and reached more than a hundred thousand others with his popular Building Wealth book series published by McGraw Hill.
John is well liked for his fast paced, easy to follow and humorous speaking style. He speaks about his experiences both profitable and otherwise and is actively engaged in buying and financing properties for himself and clients.
Author of Building Wealth One House at a Time (2005), Building Wealth in a Changing Market (2007), Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures (2008), all published by McGraw Hill.
Jack Miller • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Peter Fortunato • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
John Schaub • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
We don’t want to waste your time or money. We’re so sure you’ll learn more than you pay for in this workshop that we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with this event, please ask for a refund by Noon of the second day – there is absolutely NO RISK!!
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“Only in San Francisco...”
P.S. Make sure you bring plenty of business cards with you to pass out because this event will be one of the best networking opportunities to meet new and exciting people, future potential “financial friends”, JV partners, and more.
Comfort Inn By the Bay 
2775 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94109-1497
Phone: (415) 928-5000 x 1    Fax: (415) 441-3990
(Be sure to mention Cash Flow Workshop.)

Hotel Carlton
1075 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109
Reservation number: (415) 292-1183 (be sure to mention Cash Flow Workshop) or go online and enter special reference code CFW.
Bonus #1: A CD recording of Jack, Pete, and John on the art of negotiation. Value: priceless – you really must hear this!

Bonus #2: A CD outlining Jack’s 12 steps to creating a Foundation of Wealth. Value: $200.

Bonus #3: Your tuition includes a 100-page+ course manual chocked full of creative strategies, concepts, and courses of action. This manual alone is worth the investment of tuition!
The last time these educators got together in Las Vegas it was a huge sell-out. This could be the last time these three “amigos” will share the stage at an educational event like this. The SF meeting facility has limited space to accommodate the same crowd as in 2001. To assure yourself a spot –
Don’t Wait – Register Today!