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Thursday August 18th,2022

Due Diligence for
Rural Properties


Have you ever considered Buying or Investing in a Rural Type Property?

You know, the type of property where it may not be located in any type of defined Sub-Division or Main Street area? The type of property not served by traditional municipal utilities, etc. ? These Types of properties carry with them - their own sets of unique challenges and understanding.

If you are looking to buy a property like this as a potential 2nd Home, Vacation home, AirBnb, or Rental, OR to attempt to Wholesale or to even Fix Up and Flip don't get Blindsided! Get your concerns and Questions addressed by our Expert.

Join us tonight as we have Peter Lescure; one of the best Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors and OWTS - Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Experts cover many of the challenges property owners; Buyers and Sellers face with Rural type properties when dealing with planning through construction, to engineering and surveying phases of such a property. Take Advantage of his expertise and get all your concerns and questions addressed so that the NEXT TIME you take a look at a Country or Rural Property- you will feel comfortable and confident in knowing the RIGHT questions to ask.

You will Learn and Understand Septic Systems, Wastewater Treatment,
Wells, and Boundary Surveys.

* Inlets, Outlets, Materials used; What components go into a Design

* How do Septic Systems work?

* What are some of the Different Types of Systems

* Challenges with designing a system

* How practical is Well Drilling as a Water Source today

* Enhancing Water Quality & Usage

* Regulations and MORE Regulations...

Peter Lescure
P.E., Civil Engineer, Land Surveyor

Peter J. Lescure, P.E. established Lescure Engineers in 1979.Since 1979 Lescure Engineers has been a strong player in the OWTS field; including participating with the counties of Sonoma, Napa, Marin & Mendocino in developing policy and standards. This experience began in the firm’s construction business era when Sonoma County and the North Coast Regional Board first approved experimental OWTS & required professional site evaluations. Mr. Lescure constructed some of the first Wisconsin Mound systems in the County; retiring from construction in 1984 and moving full-time into engineering design of approximately 2,000 systems to date. The firms’ experience in OWTS
design has evolved through the various experimental and advanced systems including in more recent years the application of bringing sub-surface drip technology to small community systems.


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