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BAWB Monthly Meeting - Thursday January 17th 2019

6:30 Pm Networking Begins- Come Early if you can
7:00 Pm Formal Meeting starts and ends 9:30 Pm

A Powerful program you do not want to miss!


Is this still a GOOD Time or the Right Time to Buy? 

Is this still a GOOD Time or the the Right Time to Buy?

Have we NOW Finally reached the TOP of this CRAZY frenzied Market as other so called experts are starting to say?


Is the CA and SF Bay Area Real Estate Marketplaces and Prices poised to continue to climb further (albeit more slowly) ? 

Can this stabilization of the Real Estate Marketplace achieved continue on for the LONG TERM as some industry experts / Realtors are advocating?

How will the FED policy towards Interest rates affect us?

What is looming over the Horizon?


Start off the New Year Informed "listen and learn" from our own industry expert"

Speaker: Author of Timing the Real Estate Market, Statistician, & Investor;

Robert Campbell

2019 Housing Forecast
: What Will Happen & Why

Program Director's Note:
"Robert has spoken at our meetings in the past and has been incredibly prescient in accurately predicting California Real Estate Market trends.Don't miss his insight at this months meeting…”


 graphThe Campbell Method: A Proven Timing System that Tells You EXACTLY When to Buy and Sell Real Estate to Make Maximum Profits! 


Dear Real Estate Investor: 

Imagine for a moment how you would feel if you could predict major turning points in the real estate market.

Suppose somebody handed you a 26-year time-tested system that would tell you ahead of time when property values were going to hit a peak … and then when prices were going to hit bottom years later.

If you could anticipate these kinds of critical real estate events in advance … then not only could you make spectacular profits, but you could protect your money as well. 

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Actually, it's not. The real estate market does signal its future intentions if you know where to look. 

janHello. My name is Robert Campbell and I wrote Timing the Real Estate Market to help both professionals and ordinary people make the most money in real estate with the least amount of risk. 






I also have my web Site; Based on a major breakthrough in tracking and predicting real estate trends, my book reveals the real estate timing technique that I call The Campbell Method .

As far as I know, The Campbell Method is the only proven method in the world that shows how to accurately anticipate upcoming changes in your local real estate market.

What this means is that when you read Timing the Real Estate Market , you are going to learn how to make and protect your fortune in real estate in the same way that J. Paul Getty, the Rockefeller's, Warren Buffett, and other super-rich investors made their fortunes: by focusing on WHEN to buy and sell.

It's true. When it comes to making money in real estate, 
nothing beats good timing.

The reason that The Campbell Method is going to change the way you think about how to buy and sell real estate is that I share my truly remarkable discovery of five key real estate indicators. I call them Vital Signs, and they're able to predict the peaks and valleys of real estate cycles with an almost uncanny accuracy. As leading indicators to what's looming on the horizon for real estate prices, these Vital Sign indicators act like windows into the future, giving you advance notice of approaching trend changes from three to six months before they become obvious to the general public.

Author's Note: Timing the Real Estate Market is used at the University of San Diego by Professor Elaine Worzala. The class: Real Estate Investment. "The logic behind these Vital Sign indicators is air-tight," says Professor Worzala. "I'm very impressed, and my students love your book."

Copies of Timing the Real Estate Market Book will be available for purchase and autograph by Robert Campbell at the meeting.


Don't Miss Robert's FULL DAY Workshop on Saturday 1-19-2019
PRE-REGISTER for Discounted Tuition

Robert Campbell's

The COMING Real Estate Crash

 How to Call the Next
Housing Market Top!

All Day Sat. 1-19-2019
Best Western Corte Madera Inn., Corte Madera, CA 

Including Tips on How to Safely Do Business
in a Transitioning Marketplace

Robert Campbell & Michael Morrongiello
Teaching Together!

Would you like to know how to predict the peaks and valleys of the California real estate markets? Or how about knowing the best times to buy and sell real estate in 14 other major U.S. cities?

This is ONE Workshop you Should Attend!

For More Workshop Details, Registration and Lodging Information CLICK HERE 

BAWB Monthly Meeting - Thursday February 21st 2019

6:30 Pm Networking Begins- Come Early if you can
7:00 Pm Formal Meeting starts and ends 9:30 Pm

A Powerful program you do not want to miss!


While its certainly profitable to do one or more deals a month throughout the year and earn a decent income.

Is it Possible to Make $500K in a Week
(yes that's $500,000)

Flipping One Deal?

Why Actually YES with the right marketing, property type, Seller and Buyer involved along with the correct mindset it can be done

Visit with us this evening and you will
hear insights on How To:

* Find Off Market AND Below Market Deals
* What to say to sellers
* Should you Wholesale, WholeTail, or Buy and Sell?
* Do Fewer but Bigger and more profitable Deals
* Continue to Learn, Implement, Grow, Improvise-our speaker
  will Share his Journey

About our Speaker:
Jason Buzi has been a full time real estate investor since 2005, in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has wholesaled, flipped and built hundreds of properties throughout the Bay Area. His niches have included luxury home construction, wholesaling, double closings, short sales, and rehabs.

He has also invested in a mobile home park and land properties.
Jason specializes exclusively in off market deals, and has put together systems to find and buy properties off market and below market.

Every year, Jason flips well over $20M worth of properties using a combination of wholesaling, double closing and rehabbing strategies.

Has has made $500K in a week, and $2 million on one house.
Jason gained worldwide publicity in 2014 as the philanthropist behind the worldwide scavenger hunt "Hidden Cash", which quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

He has been interviewed by CNN, Fox News, Fortune magazine, ABC News, the BBC, Russian TV, German TV, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times,the Washington Post and others. Jason enjoys speaking about real estate and has been a featured speaker at real estate clubs around the country. He is an active philanthropist, and sits on the board of the Tangible Hope Foundation. Jason is the author of the real estate book "Smash your Alarm Clock", which was an Amazon #1 bestseller in the real estate category.



Sat. 3-23-2019 - Corte Madera, CA

Michael Morrongiello's All Day Workshop
taught only once a year!

Making a Million Dollars in Real Estate is No Longer an Option...instead its a necessity for surviving and thriving during these crazy economic times!

The Good News; with dedication and forethought, this current market is the perfect market to achieve such a goal.

This fantastic educational event will focus on Finding Deals, Raising Money, Making Offers, Buying Right, Selling Quickly, and...How to Overcome the most common fears or misconceptions that can hold you back from making more money right now. Its for any beginning or seasoned active Real Estate entrepreneurs. There literally is something for everyone!

At This Workshop we will discuss in detail, and give examples of many of the following
Important Skill Sets you should be comfortable with:

Marketing – Online & Offline
Financing – including Creative & Alternatives
Raising Private Money
Negotiations with Sellers & Buyers
Understanding Documentation & Paperwork
Deal Structuring
Tax Free Investing
Constructing “Profit Guaranteed” offers
And so Much More...


For More Workshop Details, Registration
and Lodging Information

Go to:


Mar 2019 coming soon...

BAWB Monthly Meeting - Thursday April 18th 2019

6:30 Pm Networking Begins- Come Early if you can
7:00 Pm Formal Meeting starts and ends 9:30 Pm

A Powerful program you do not want to miss!


How would you like to have
More Off Market Deals?

Do you Want Potential Profitable
Opportunities Referred to you?



Do No Miss our Dynamic Speaker Tonight who's
figured out the Secret Sauce and a way
to "break the code" with using Linkedin

BAWB Presents;

An Evening with Internationally Recognized
Linkedin Expert and Author Yakov Smart

Learn Hidden Strategies for Generating Leads,
Securing Funding Sources and Dominating
Your Real Estate Market using Linkedin.

What You’ll Discover During This Action-Packed Presentation:

● The Three Biggest Mistakes 90% Of Real Estate Investors Are Making On Their LinkedIn Profiles And Costing Them Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Potential Deals

● Little-Known Yet Dangerously Effective Strategies Any Investor Can Start Implementing Immediately For Putting Your Networking On Steroids And Meeting More Of The RIGHT People Faster On LinkedIn

● Four Key Pillars Every Investor Needs But Most Don’t Have For Generating Leads, Securing Funding Sources, And Accessing The Deals They're Looking For Using LinkedIn… HINT: Most Investors In Your Area Are Still Completely Clueless About All Of These


                                                             Yakov Smart

 About Yakov

Yakov Smart is an Internationally Recognized LinkedIn Expert And Author. Sought after by Top CEOs, Best-Selling Authors and Leaders Of Seven-Nine Figure Sales Organizations worldwide, Yakov is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities when it comes to all things LinkedIn. He’s shared the stage with Samantha DeBianchi of Bravo’s Hit TV Show, Million Dollar Listing and been a guest on numerous radio programs.

Yakov’s first book, Disrupting LinkedIn: The Definitive Guide To Generating Leads, Receiving Referrals and Attracting High-End Clients through marketing on LinkedIn debuted in August of 2017. Almost immediately after, business owners everywhere started embracing his innovative, new strategies and opening their eyes to a whole new way of using LinkedIn. Today Yakov is the proud leader of Linked Lead Enterprises, the World’s Leading B2Me Training Organization, where his live events, on-demand training programs and strategic consulting accelerators give people proven tools and techniques for transforming their LinkedIn Profiles into priceless, Relationship Building Assets. A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, you can often find Yakov dining at his favorite restaurants or out and about taking in the scenic mountain views.


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