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BAWB Regular Monthly Meeting Thurs. Jan. 19th 2017


As of the New Year a number of Changes have taken place with the CAR- California Association of Realtors RPA- Residential Purchase Agreement and Disclosures.

dThe latest version of the CAR Residential Purchase Agreement continues to evolve into a 10+ page tangle of paragraphs and cross references. Come sort it out with the help of 40-year veteran real estate broker Cari Lynn Pace. Cari stresses that she did NOT design or have input on the changes involved in the new contract, but as a risk management and litigation advisor she can help us understand it. She will take us through the form's major changes on a powerpoint presentation.

About our Speaker:

aCari Lynn Pace is 42-year veteran Marin real estate broker who sells, trains  agents, and owns Professional Publishing LLC and www.ProPubForms.com.  Pace, a Past President of the Marin Association of Realtors, consults with attorneys regarding their pending litigation and frequently testifies at trials.  Pace authored a popular insider's guide to avoiding real estate litigation.  She will have copies of her book available to autograph;
"Don't Shoot Me...I'm Just the Real Estate Agent!"

aPace will discuss several topics of importance this evening including:

  • Rules of the Home Equity Sales Contract Law:  Does Your Deal Apply?
  • Recent changes to the CAR purchase contracts and listing agreements
  • Cases impacting Landlords v. Tenants- You NEED to be aware!
  • Cases of Investors v. Home Owners Associations

Whether you are BUYING or SELLING, Chasing Pre-Foreclosures or Foreclosures – If you are using the CAR – California Associations of Realtors Purchase Agreement you Don’t NOT want to Miss this informative meeting!

BAWB Monthly Meeting - February 16, 2017

Is this still a GOOD Time or the Right Time to Buy? 

Is this still a GOOD Time or the the Right Time to Buy? Have we reached the TOP of this CRAZY frenzied Market as other so called experts are starting to say? OR Is the CA and SF Bay Area Real Estate Marketplaces and Prices poised to continue to climb further?  Has stabilization of the Real Estate Marketplace now finally been achieved for the LONG TERM as many industry experts are preaching? How long will this so called  Real Estate "run up recovery" run on for? How will FED policy towards Interest rates and the incoming new Administration affect us? What is looming over the Horizon? DO NOT MISS THIS MONTHS MEETING!

Start off the New Year Informed "listen and learn from our own industry expert"

Speaker: Author of Timing the Real Estate Market, Statistician, & Investor;

Robert Campbell

2017 Housing Forecast
: What Will Happen & Why

Program Director's Note:
"Robert has spoken at our meetings in the past and has been incredibly prescient in accurately predicting California Real Estate Market trends.Don't miss his insight at this months meeting…”



graphThe Campbell Method: A Proven Timing System that Tells You EXACTLY When to Buy and Sell Real Estate to Make Maximum Profits! 

Dear Real Estate Investor: 
Imagine for a moment how you would feel if you could predict major turning points in the real estate market.

Suppose somebody handed you a 24-year time-tested system that would tell you ahead of time when property values were going to hit a peak … and then when prices were going to hit bottom years later.

If you could anticipate these kinds of critical real estate events in advance … then not only could you make spectacular profits, but you could protect your money as well. 

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Actually, it's not. The real estate market does signal its future intentions if you know where to look. 

janHello. My name is Robert Campbell and I wrote Timing the Real Estate Market to help both professionals and ordinary people make the most money in real estate with the least amount of risk. 

I also have my web site; www.realestatetiming.com Based on a major breakthrough in tracking and predicting real estate trends, my book reveals the real estate timing technique that I call The Campbell Method .

As far as I know, The Campbell Method is the only proven method in the world that shows how to accurately anticipate upcoming changes in your local real estate market.

What this means is that when you read Timing the Real Estate Market , you are going to learn how to make and protect your fortune in real estate in the same way that J. Paul Getty, the Rockefeller's, Warren Buffett, and other super-rich investors made their fortunes: by focusing on WHEN to buy and sell.

It's true. When it comes to making money in real estate, 
nothing beats good timing.

The reason that The Campbell Method is going to change the way you think about how to buy and sell real estate is that I share my truly remarkable discovery of five key real estate indicators. I call them Vital Signs, and they're able to predict the peaks and valleys of real estate cycles with an almost uncanny accuracy. As leading indicators to what's looming on the horizon for real estate prices, these Vital Sign indicators act like windows into the future, giving you advance notice of approaching trend changes from three to six months before they become obvious to the general public.

Author's Note: Timing the Real Estate Market is used at the University of San Diego by Professor Elaine Worzala. The class: Real Estate Investment. "The logic behind these Vital Sign indicators is air-tight," says Professor Worzala. "I'm very impressed, and my students love your book."

Copies of Timing the Real Estate Market Book will be available for purchase and autograph by Robert Campbell at the meeting.


Going Rogue with Rehab!

Property Rehabbing Done Right...
(Mary Morrongiello)

Sat. 4-8-17 & Sun. 4-9-17 - Corte Madera, CA

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March 2017

BAWB Thursday March 16th, 2007 Regular Monthly Meeting

Income and Growth?

Why you need to Understand Multi Family & Commercial Income Property Investmentsk

  • How and Where do you Select your Market

  • What type of Property Type is Best and for What Markets

  • How to VET the property, get loans, and Manage…


  • What is NOI - Net Operating Income and how is arrived at?
  • What is a CAP Rate?
  • How do you figure a Gross Rent Multiplier? and is it useful?
  • What is a CASH on CASH return and how is that figured?
  • How do market Comps and replacement value play a part in evaluating Commercial Properties?
  • What is a TRIPLE NET Lease?
  • What to look for when reviewing the existing property owners income and operating statements?
  • What are some of the various ways to PROFIT from Commercial Income Properties (Income from Rents Vs Value Appreciation, etc.)

Plan on joining us and Don’t Miss this Discussion which will cover How does one quickly filter and screen, then review, and decide IF a potential commercial type Income property deserve further investigation for upside profit potential?


Tom K. Wilson CEO / Founder Wilson Investment Properties

tomTom K. Wilson began building his personal real estate portfolio in the 70's. He first invested as a part-time activity, and then after thirty years managing manufacturing and engineering in some of Silicon Valley’s pioneering technology companies, he put his business and management experience toward full-time real estate investing. Mr. Wilson has bought and sold more than 3,500 units and over $250 million of real estate, including wilsonthree condo conversion projects, nine syndications, and eight multifamily properties. He founded and owns Wilson Investment Properties, Inc., a company that has provided over 500 high cash flow, high-quality, rehabbed and leased residential properties to investors. Active in real estate associations, Mr. Wilson is a frequent speaker on real estate investing where his candor and competency makes him an audience favorite. As part of his outreach, Tom provides mentoring to new investors. His weekly radio show Real Estate Radio Power Investing provides extensive education on real estate investing.

For Tom's full biography, background, and real estate achievements, click here


Going Rogue with Rehab!

Property Rehabbing Done Right...
(Mary Morrongiello)

Sat. 4-8-17 & Sun. 4-9-17 - Corte Madera, CA

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