Homepage - BAWB - Bay Area Wealth Builders

Mission Statement:

To promote a practical knowledge, ethical acquisition and disposition of Real Estate through ongoing education, discussion, and networking, and to be responsive, accessible and inclusive.

Whether you are an investor, broker, mortgage lender, contractor or landlord, you are welcome to join our association if creating cash flow and wealth using Real Estate is your goal.

In addition to periodic workshops and seminars, we hold monthly networking meetings.

Visitors are always welcome and there is no need to pre-register.

At our meetings Local and National guest speakers discuss topics such as:

  • Getting Started
  • Finding Money
  • Qualifying Buyers
  • Asset Protection
  • Saving Taxes
  • Creative Financing
  • Lease-Purchase
  • Fortune Building Formulas
  • Eliminating Negative Cash Flow
  • Equity Sharing
  • Creating Cash Flow
  • Options
  • Foreclosures
  • Landlording Secrets
  • Using Sweat Equity
  • Making Money With Mortgages
  • How to Create, Buy, Sell or Improve Paper
  • Creative Buying, Selling, and Exchanging
  • Buying Real Estate With Nothing Down
  • Negotiating to Win
  • Structuring Transactions Creatively
  • Tax-Free Exchanging
  • Profitable Refinancing
  • Using Other People’s Money
  • Retirement Strategies
  • And Much More …